Jan Smeets runs Lopers Company Maastricht with infectious enthusiasm. As soon as you enter the spacious specialty store, you feel it all over: Jan and his team breathe sport. Get advice from the experts! They know their game when it comes to the perfect shoes, clothing, accessories and training.

As a youngster, Jan used to play table tennis at national level. In the 90’s he discovered the thrill of running and quickly developed trainer skills. “I soon realised that I love getting people excited about running. To let beginners experience how good it is to exercise regularly.”

In 2012, the former sales manager decided to turn his passion into his job and opened Lopers Company Maastricht. Since the opening the store became a household name amongst runners, locally and far beyond.

What is the perfect running shoe?

“People and their unique passion for running comes first” Smeets says. “Whether you’re training for a half marathon, jogging twice a week or hiking in the mountains. That does not matter. We think the great thing is: every runner is different and has his own personal goal. And we are looking for the perfect running or walking shoe for that.”

“Which is the ideal brand and model for you, depends on all kinds of factors. Such as physique, foot length and width, your movement pattern, but also on which surface and for what purpose you walk.”

Improve performance and prevent injuries

Whatever your goal may be, Lopers Company Maastricht always takes extensive time to find the ideal running or walking shoe. “Advice from the experts is important for every runner. I always note: your body is your house and required a solid foundation. This foundation is formed by your running shoe. The right sneaker ensures your forward comfortably, preferably with as little energy loss as possible. Running shoes can improve performance and prevent injuries.”

Test run

“After your personal intake we determine which shoe suits you best.” How does that work? “First we serve you good coffee”, Jan giggles. “Then we dive deep into your personal sport history. Are there any specifics? What are your future ambitions regarding sport, etc. The we scan your feet with a foot plate. We also use our thirty-metre-long indoor test track situated in our store.”

“We register your walking movement through camera, which we then analyse via the computer. Through this 360 approach we fid the very best shoe fit for you. On the go, we give you running tips and tricks. We want to help everyone to make a healthy effort as relaxed as possible. That is why every two weeks we organise a walk-in consultation hour with a sports physiotherapist and a podiatrist especially for our customers. We see that as a kind of extra service towards our client-base.”

New personnal record

In terms of finding a solid running shoe: the sky is the limit. Ultra-fast running shoes with a carbon plate have already helped marathon runners set new records. “Running shoes are becoming more and more advanced,” Jan agrees. “We say: ‘Never change a winning team.’ But stay alert for new players in the Feeld, go and try on different models from time to time. Who knows, they may take you even further…”

Our team


Jan’s great enthusiasm as a runner and experience and avid (Start to Run) trainer, together with his enthusiastic employees, he forms the unique mix to provide solid and tailor-made shoe advice for each foot.


Rachel has an ultimate passion for everything around running and professional sports. A real sporty bon vivant. She gets a kick out of helping people on their way to an active a lifestyle where pleasure and health go hand in hand.


Rick aspires to the highest attainable within athletics and triathlon. In addition to his own career in sports, he gives training to pupils and juniors at Atletiek Maastricht. He uses his knowledge as a trainer to optimally help customers with running techniques, advice for training and to find the right running shoe.


Falco is an athlete competing for Atletiek Maastricht. He has been running since childhood and wants to reach the highest possible podium: the Olympic Games. Good running shoes are of course part of this! Falco is happy to help our relations to keep walking/running healthy and happy.

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